Wilier Filante SLR

Last year, Wilier Triestina introduced the Filante SLR, their all new top of the line aero bike, effectively pushing their previous aero bike as their do-it-all lightweight bike.

The Filante SLR is the latest aero addition to Wilier’s line of aero bikes present and past, which cyclists and aficionados remember started with the Imperiale, and then the Cento10 Air, Pro and the current Cento10 SL.

Where most bike brands use stock OEM bearings, Wilier has designed their own to maintain a round steerer tube while still keeping the head tube narrow. This feature is a welcomed change from previous Wilier aero models which use D-shaped steerer tubes instead.

The Wilier Imperiale

The Filante SLR is a disc-brake only aero bike with newly designed tubes. Through extensive wind tunnel studies, Wilier has come up with effective tube shapes to improve aerodynamics. However, they did not stop there. Wind tunnel testing is important to test aerodynamics for a bike. However, thing may be very different in the real world, with changes in wind direction and speeds and various other factors that may affect wind drag like objects, the cyclists himself and even other cyclists in the peloton or group. Seeing to this, Wilier has studied the different possible wind conditions and designed the tubes accordingly. For example, the upper part of the downtube of previous aero models are pretty square or squared off in shape. However, the Filante SLR’s down tube has a more rounded off profile, which helps with crosswinds.

Another cool feature and rather radical design change is the wider bow in the crown and blades, creating a bigger space between the fork blades and the wheel. Wilier believes that this helps reduce turbulent airflow. Another cool feature is the height of the crown of the fork, which is at the same height as where the seatstays meet the seat tube, which helps streamline the overall silhouette of the bike and reduces drag as well. The right fork blade is also thicker than the left one, designed with the asymmetrical nature of disc braking in mind. This helps reduce torque steering when braking.

Another state of the art feature of the Filante SLR is the liquid polymer that is introduced into the carbon fiber composite, which helps with vibration dampening and increased compliance.

The Wilier FIlante SLR only weighs 870g (frame only) and is only 90g heavier than the 0 SLR frame. This is achieved with improved and better carbon fiber layup techniques, which has allowed Wilier to use carbon fiber more effectively, making it lighter and stiffer at the same time. The one piece bar is 50 – 60g lighter than the previous iteration and comes in 5 sizes. The size configurations may be weird to some of us but Wilier has done this to maintain consistent sizing through the different sizes. We have yet to get our hands on one but have seen full built bikes weighing at around 7kg, which is impressive for an aero bike with disc brakes.

The Wilier Filante SLR comes in 5 colorways. The Astana Premier Tech replica, the Total Direct Energie replica, a glossy velvet red, a matt black and red and glossy grey iride green. As of now, we haven’t received any updates as to whether the Filante SLR is going to be included in the Infinitamente programme but we’re looking forward to it nonetheless.

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