Wet Riding Tips

Living on a tropical island right smack on the equator, it is unavoidable to get caught in the rain. Even when you avoid cycling in wet weather, sometimes you just get caught in it mid-ride. The weather can go from hot to rainy in a couple of minutes. That said, despite the random-ness of Singapore's rain, there are a couple of periods where we get rain more consistently. And some/most of us will ride anyway.

Whether you're one of the brave souls who ride in the rain anyway, or those who prefer to stay dry, you're bound to be caught in the rain some time. Below are some tips on riding in the rain.

1) Using Lights

In Singapore, using lights in the day is not required of cyclists by the law. Therefore, most cyclists do not use lights during the day and only choose to use lights at night. However, with the darker clouds during the rain, and the lack of visibility due to dropping rain and also the chaos of multiple vehicle lights on the road, we think that it is very very important to run lights when riding in the rain, even if it's in the day. We feel that a rear light should be mandatory when riding in the rain. Depending on the weather conditions and how heavy the rain is, we might want to run front lights as well. Like we said, visibility becomes very very important in the rain as other road users might be focused more on other vehicle lights and visibility is reduced and if you don't run lights, you might not be very visible.

What if you're cycling in the day and you left the house while it was hot and sunny and thus you didn't bring any lights? Stop cycling and get some shelter. That's the safest. We strongly recommend bringing a pair of lights, spares, or cheap ones EVERYTIME you ride, be it during the day, night, in sunny or rainy weather. This can be in a saddle bag, in your jersey pocket, or even on your bike - it doesn't matter. You never know when it's going to rain or when you're caught in an emergency of some sort or maybe your plans change and you have to ride past daylight. Always have a pair of lights ready.