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The Singaporean's Bike Storage Problem

If you happen to be amongst the 80% of Singaporeans living in a HDB flat, you will understand what I'm talking about. Especially if you live in a cycling household and your family members all cycle... or if you have a N+1 problem like us, you'll realise that storage space is scarce.

Parking your > $2000 bike outside your house or even worse, at the void deck, is not a realistic option. There are bicycle parking spaces in every HDB void deck but let's be honest, how secure is your bike? Any chain or lock is destructible if the thief is given enough time. And your bike will be there for days and nights. How many wheels or saddles or parts have you seen been stripped from bikes parked at void decks? And that's not even considering the damages and wear on your bike due to weather. Our humid tropical weather and alternating hot sweating days and tropical rain will rust out parts in no time. This week, we'll explore the different options you have that will suit your space predicament best.

The first thing you have to do is assess which space is best to place your bicycles. Chances are, you have already decorated/furnished your house. Assess which spaces are available for you to store your bikes. Does it cover a walkway? Is it easy to access? Will you have to roll/carry your bike through the rest of the house before you can park it? Will it be easy to do that or will there be furniture you might scratch along the way?

Next, determine what kind of space you have and can afford. Do you have floor space for your bicycles? Or can you utilise wall space. If so, can you afford to take up space off the wall or does your bike need to be flushed as close to the wall as possible? Or if your walls are all taken up, can you utilise ceiling space? Will it be in the way of doors opening or lights or ceiling fans? Is the ceiling over a common walkway where someone might hit his/her head?

After you determine the kind of space you can afford and the specific space you have, then you can start choosing the product you need to make your perfect bike storage system. There are plenty of products available in the market for you to choose from. Shopping time!

Floor space

Floor space is the ideal best. The bikes are easy to access. If you have the luxury of floor space, maybe in your balcony or a room, and you just need a system to store your bikes neatly and safely so they don't lean on each other, consider yourself lucky! Here are some systems you can consider to store your bikes nicely on the floor.

1) Clug

While technically not exactly a floor space solution as you can also consider it a wall space solution, the Clug should be your go to if you want a minimalist solution. The Clug is a small clip-like system that attaches to the wall and allows your to stand your bike vertically or horizontally. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

2) Feedback Stand

If you need a freestanding stand and there are no walls to attach the Clugs to, you can consider the Feedback Stand. Feedback makes a free standing bike stand that folds when not in use. So if there are guests around, storing this stand will be easy and will pose no problems.

3) Multiple Bike Rack

If you have floor space for multiple bikes, you can consider the CyclingDeal multiple bike rack. CyclingDeal produces bike racks in different configurations to suit the amount of bikes that you have.

Wall Space

1) Horizontal Wall Rack

There are multiple companies producing wall storage solutions that store your bike flushed to the wall but in a slanted fashion such as this one so that you can maximise space. However, we can personally vouch for Maxfind's wall rack as we've used it ourselves and it is easy to install and has been reliable.

2) Aesthetic Options

If you're looking for a more aesthetic option, you can opt for something that looks like this.

There are absolutely too many companies producing these aesthetically pleasing wall mounts that we've lost track! They're really minimalist too and where this photographer placed books on the shelf, you can place your helmet and other items.

3) Bike Towers

Although not literally attached to the wall, these extendable bike towers are a nice option because you can store multiple bikes depending on how high your ceiling is. They are also the go to choice for a lot of people because you don't really need to drill anything and the tower can easily be detached when not in use.

4) Freestanding bike racks

An alternative would be free standing bike racks. There are versions that lean onto the wall and versions that stand on their own. There are more similar to the bike towers shown above.

5) Wall Mounts like these

This wall rack allows you to hang your bikes vertically on the wall from the wheels. This works well if you have limited wall space but more walkway space as the bike will inevitably block the area close to the wall you're hanging your bike from. There are many variations of this style of storage. Some come with added features such as swivels that allow you to swivel you bike closer to the wall. Others are more aesthetic, with a wooden backing which functionally ensures you don't stain the wall and aesthetically brings focus to your bike as a center piece on the wall.

Ceiling Space

1) Tracks

Tracks are nice storage systems that make sure your bikes can be stored nicely and safely without taking up floor space. This system pictured above can store up multiple bikes using hooks that hook onto the wheels of the bike. You have to make sure you can reach your ceiling and that it isn't high enough. However, if you find that reaching up to hang your bike is too difficult due to the height or the weight of the bike, you can consider our next option.......

2) Pulleys

Pulley systems are great because they not only help you keep your floors clear of bikes, but they're also easy to use as you can lower down the hooks for you to put your bikes on and then pull the hooks up via the pulley system to raise your bikes to the ceiling.


Bike storage is ultimately a problem for unit housing dwellers like most of us, especially if you own more than 1 bike. Therefore, it is an important thing to plan where to store your bikes when moving into a new house and find some space savvy systems. Lastly, I would just like to leave you with these....

The dream......


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