TCRs Win! recently released their bikes of the year and two Giant TCRs have made it to the top 10. The Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc has actually won’s bike of the year, while the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc is runner up!

Here is the video explaining their decision and also comparing the differences between the two bikes, which both fall into different price categories. has highlighted the differences between the flagship Giant TCR model, the Advanced SL 0 Disc and the mid-range Advanced Pro 1 Disc. The first difference would primarily be the integrated seat post on the SL 0. The Advanced Pro 1 comes with an adjustable seat post. has mentioned that the integrated seat post has of course made the SL 0 stiffer and lighter. The second main difference would be the frame material used in the two frames. The Advanced Pro 1 is made of T700 Toray carbon while the SL 0 is made up of a mix of T800 Toray carbon and Giant’s proprietary carbon. has also mentioned that Giant has kindly furnished them with the differences in stiffness and weight between the two frames. However, they have also noted that as non-professionals, the differences are so marginal that they aren’t noticeable when ridden out.

As for what is similar, both Giant frames share the same geometry. has pointed out that it isn’t the most aggressive frame, which is perfect for non-professionals like us who aren’t as flexible. To use the term ‘relaxed’ can be dangerously misinterpreted because the TCR is of course essentially a race bike. However, the more ‘relaxed’ geometry is more forgiving for non-professionals like us. Of course, if you prefer, you can make changes to the bike with longer stems to make it more aggressive. summarizes the two bikes that they have ridden, tested and scored so highly as having more similarities than differences. Of course, at the end of the day, the SL 0 is the better bike – it is after all the flagship model. However, as everyday casual riders who don’t professionally race, we’d be pretty darn excited if we can get our hands on a mid-range bike that shares so many characteristics with a full on race bike.

If you’re looking at getting your hands on a TCR Advanced model and want to see one before making a decision, do drop us a message @ +65 8806 1843. We the TCR Advanced models in store in varying sizes but they do run out pretty quick.