Sell A Bike To Us!

Buying a new bike and hoping to get rid of your old ride? Well, your ride is most welcome here in our store*! We will help you find a new owner for your old bike. So how does it work?

How to sell an old road bike / TT bike to BikeMart SG?

(We will only give a quote at our store with the physical bike & not over the phone or based on photos.)

1) Contact us at / at 8126 4321 to see if we would want to take in your bike

2) Come on down with your bike to 140 Sims Ave (BikeMart SG) to get a quote of your bike!


Just come on down with your bike!

*We will only take in your bike if it is in demand & in a good condition.

Hope to deal with you & give your old ride a new life in our store soon!