While we've been hearing about Shimano's greatest and latest up and coming groupset (we're still excited by the way), SRAM's been busy! Aside from an AXS version of the GX Eagle, us roadies have gotten a present from them as well. RIVAL! RIVAL! RIVAL! RIVAL!

Yes, SRAM has released a Rival eTap AXS groupset!

SRAM Rival eTap AXS

For those of you who didn't know, Rival is SRAM's mid-tier groupset. For those more familiar with Shimano's groupset hierarchy, it is similar to Shimano 105 in its standing in between its own siblings. We dislike comparing tiers of groupsets across brands because people might make direct comparisons when the products can be vastly different in terms of performance, feel, and intended design and purpose. That said, SRAM has 4 tiers of groupsets in its line-up. It starts with the entry level Apex, followed by the Rival, and then the performance focused Force and the professional standard Red. The Rival has been known in the past few years for its versatility, having been used on gravel bikes, road bikes and even touring bikes.

We can start discussing the new Rival eTap AXS but we'll do you a one up! We'll summarise what we have for you for a faster read.