New Year New Resolution New Things

Last week we talked about setting goals and resolutions for the new year. Today, we’ll talk about the cool tech that can help you reach and track your resolutions and progress. No, we’re not talking about selling snake oil. You’d have to put in the work yourself. However, like all shopping sprees and new things, these items may spur you on, or just make sure you’re on the right track.

New Bike

Ah, whether it’s your first bike or not, a new bike will always always motivate you to go out and cycle. After all, you chose the bike you wanted. And more often than not, it’s an upgrade from your old bike. What’s not to get excited about?

New Parts

We don’t know about you, but new bike parts and components always make us excited to go out riding. Be it new wheels, new pedals or even a fresh set of bartapes. There’s just something about looking at a shiny new component, fresh and smelling like the package it came in…. Just spurs you on. So if you’re feeling a bit unmotivated, maybe try and change your bar tape. Maybe it’ll help.

New Gadgets

So this is the part we mentioned about tracking your progress. The cyclists who already have cycling computers and smart watches may already know this. But being able to track almost every aspect of your cycling makes you more aware of how much you’re pushing yourself and gives you a good gauge on where your fitness is at. From tracking distances, speeds, cadence, heart rate to even tracking calorie burn, VO2 Max and sleep patterns! These gadgets do it all. We personally like looking at the numbers, and pushing ourselves beyond our past personal records. This ensures that we’re always on our toes, always motivated to do better and always aware of our fitness levels.

New Apparel

Who doesn’t want to go out in a cool new fresh spanking kit? No one. Everyone wants to look good. And everyone loves being able to do their favourite thing while looking good. Go and invest in some cool new bibs and jerseys. They come in all sorts of designs these days and they’ll sure inspire you to go out and ride more.

New Routes

New Routes! We know most of us cyclists go out on our usual loops. And this is good! This is the only way we can consistently track our progress with consistent conditions. However, even speaking from a training perspective, it is good to break the rhythm of our training to give our conditioned bodies a little shock. It is good for our neurological systems as well as psychologically, as it breaks out from the routing training that we cyclists usually do. So yeah, take a day out of the month and go out, explore new routes, new places and maybe go for a ride a little longer than the usual.

New Skills

This is the part where we confirm (if it has not already been confirmed above) that we’re not trying to sell snake oil. Pick up a new tech skill to work on your bike. If you’ve never changed your own bar tapes, time to start trying. You probably won’t get a 10/10 job the first time, but it’ll make you want to try more. If you’ve never done any tech changes yourself, maybe start with changing your bar tape. Then maybe you can move on to tightening bolts and nuts, changing tires or tubes, changing your headset, your crankset or even bleed your own brakes! Working on your own bike makes you want to ride more. And this time, you’re in control of how it works. Try it!

All in all, new year, new things, new skills, new resolutions. Let’s all start fresh and work towards those goals!