Money Saving Tip 101

We heard that you like our previous blog posts on how to save money when buying a bicycle. We have another one of our money saving tips here today and hope that you can save some money on your next purchase.

We all know how drool worthy the latest frames and components can be. The improvement in stiffness and compliance, not to mention the latest color scheme and paint jobs, or even that increase in 1 more cassette gearing. Until we wake up from our dreams whilst staring at a 5-figure price tag.

What if you can have that brand new bicycle for less? No, this is not a gimmick. You can get a brand new bicycle that is not NEW. That's right, you can get a new bike that is not the current year's model. The difference between this year's and last year's model may be cosmetic, and the improvements in functionality and even weight may be very little. These bicycles are available at your local bike shops for a discount.

Here at Bike Mart SG, we also have brand new stock of past year's model and when built up, they are really as good as new. Would you like to test ride some of the best bicycles without putting a dent in your wallet? Visit our store today and you may just walk home with a drool worthy bicycle.