Millennials are Driving The Bike Boom

By now, most of us know the bike boom. The phenomenon that was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic has mellowed down a bit but a study by Van Moof has shown that millennials have not only adopted cycling this pandemic, but have been the driving force behind the bike boom, that arguably has lasted two years.

The benefits are plenty! Whether you're picking it up as a casual hobby or going full on as a commuting alternative, there are plenty of benefits to be gained.

1) Physical Health & Fitness

You're exercising. Most of us lead sedentary lifestyles and most of us lack exercise. Adopting a routine or going to a class after work takes more time out of your day. And frankly, on more strenuous hectic work days, going to a class requires a hell lot more motivation. So why not inculcate your exercise into your day? You're going to get healthier. Cardio health, muscle endurance and weight loss. All in one.

2) Mental Health

We don't know how the commute is where you are, but commuting via public transport in the peak hours of the day is stressful. All the rushing, crowded buses and trains, public transport breakdowns. And if you're driving or riding, THE TRAFFIC JAMS are horrible. Okay maybe we don't have it that bad here relative to other countries. But it still is pretty stressful. Ride a bike, head out a bit earlier, clearer roads, better air..... Relax a little. You get mental health gains from the relaxing ride, better surroundings, no rush AND better physical health leads encourages better mental health.

3) Pandemic Matters

Talking about crowded places, wouldn't you be glad to skip the crowded trains and buses amidst this pandemic? By cycling to work, you're only exposed to your colleagues, which is the best you can ask for. Minimize your risk. Cycle to work.

4) WFH Flex!

And if you're working from home and have that flexibility in working hours, use it to cycle in the morning. Between the few points mentioned above, you'll be better off for it!

5) Captain Planet it up!

And aside from all