Merry Christmas! A Yearly Dilemma

If you’re anything like us, you’d spend days wondering what to get your family members, friends, loved ones and your colleagues for Christmas. You usually start with a set budget, of course. A friend of ours texted us the other day. She said she was looking for a gift for her boss, and that her boss cycles. She doesn’t know anything about bicycles so she’s asked us for some help. So we’ve decided to write this guide.

Gifts under $10

So maybe your office is having a secret Santa event. And the person you’re Secret Santa to is a cyclist. Rather then jumping the wagon and giving the (probably) health conscious fella another sugar laden treat, consider these items!

1) Supacaz Quikfix CO2 Cartridge

These CO2 cartridges are handy for any cyclist. We use them to pump up our tires in case of emergency flats or punctures. If you’re doing a secret Santa and the budget is not more than $10, you can get these!

2) Lezyne Tire Levers

These are another life-saving tool. Whether to be used at home by cyclists and home mechanics, or to be used on the go, again for the dreaded puncture or flat, tire levers are key and important for on the go tube changes.

Gifts under $50

So maybe this gift is for a work husband/wife, a beloved colleague, or maybe even your friends! Get these gifts for under $40.