Lights! Lights! Lights! A Hauteworks Cliq Lights Review


We know we wrote about lights last week. This week, we’re featuring the Hauteworks Cliq Light, a very smart light packed with multiple features. Hauteworks is an innovative company which has produced two smart lights, the Cliq and the . The Cliq is the first light that they have released and is a product that goes beyond conventional bike light purposes. Instead of having a simple bike light that only does one thing, or lights with features that feel like afterthoughts, the Cliq light feels like a well thought out product.


The Hauteworks Cliq comes in a nice clean white packaging. It is a sturdy box and it comes with the necessary organising slots. The box reminds us of a watch box and it is nothing absolutely spectacular but who cares. We feel that minimal packaging is best. As long as it does its job. The sturdy box gives assurance that the lights will not be damaged in shipping and delivery.

What you get

The box comes with the Cliq light itself, a holder, a micro-USB cable, a user manual, and 3 attachment modules, a strap, a molle and a clip.


The Hauteworks Cliq light has to be attached to the provided holder. The holder then attaches to either the strap, the molle or the clip. This may sounds like it is a bulky messy design but to be honest, the design is very minimal and very smart and modular such that they all fit very nice. The attachments may be a little tight to put on and it took us a couple of seconds, but this makes us feel assured that the light is safe to mount on when we’re out in action.

Having three attachment modules was nice, but we had to guess the uses for some of the modules. The strap is used for circular seat post, that is certain. It mounts simply and nicely. However, we found that the molle was best used for bag straps and is secure when mounted. The clip, while also can be used on bag straps, can also be used to be clipped on rear pockets of cycling jersey tops. If you have an aero seat post, don’t fret – there is an aero seat post attachment module that you can purchase as well.

The Cliq light comes with several features. It has what Hauteworks calls boosted visibility. The Cliq light is designed such that you are visible from the side, as well as the rear. This is a nice feature to have as it boosts confidence and safety by making you visible even from the side, something many other lights don’t feature. It also comes with brake lighting, in which the light flashes brightly when you slow down or hit the brakes, similar to car rear lights. This smart feature utilises motion technology and it allows drivers and other road users to know that you are slowing down ahead of them.

Another big feature that comes with the Cliq light is the anti-theft feature. The Cliq light is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and an app designed by Hauteworks themselves. What happens when you park your bike, leave it and switch on the anti-theft feature is that when your bike is moved, you will receive an alarm and notification on your phone. We have tested this feature and it definitely works and works well. However, this feature is more useful when you’re leaving your bike for short durations and when you are within Bluetooth connection distances. It will not work if you are outside Bluetooth connection distances. Therefore, it works well for say… delivery riders and if you want to leave your bike out to buy a quick coffee, but not a feature that can be used when you park your bike and go to work.

The Cliq light is also fully customizable and you can custom and save your customized presets. You can change the blinking patterns of each LED node in the light (there are three) and change it easily via the app on your phone. The Cliq light also comes with group synchronization. If other riders in your group ride use Cliq lights as well, the lights can be synchronized to avoid confusion to other road users. The Cliq light has an IP67 waterproof rating which means that you can rest (or cycle) assured that rain and puddles will not damage the light.

On The Road

We’ve tested the Cliq light and first impressions would be that they are really bright. We were initially skeptical with the LED node design as most lights come in LED strips and this one only has three nodes. However, it is safe to say that this light can not only serve you as night lights, but are bright enough to be used as day lights as well. It has a rating of 90 lumens. Boosted visibility also gave us peace of mind when riding and we didn’t need to second guess whether vehicles and drivers could see us from the side.

The Cliq light being fully customizable is a another feature we appreciated. There are presets to save your custom settings and this proved to be useful when we felt we wanted faster blinking or stationary red lights. Brake lighting was also very useful and it made us feel safer. When we rode together, light synchronization, although not the most important, was a nice feature to have and it looked nicer when our lights and cadences were synchronized.

Connectivity to the app was seamless. It was easy to pair, easy to connect and the app was easy to use and is user-friendly - almost dumbproof. Simply switch on the Bluetooth on your phone and switch on the lights and it will pair. You can then navigate the app very easily to change your light settings or switch on the anti-theft feature. The app will also show the battery indicator for your lights and we found this very useful.

The batteries lasted us about 20 hours in low mode and in full brightness without blinking, it lasted us about 3 hours. The battery also charges in a relatively short time, taking about 3 hours to charge from fully empty to full charge.


At $68, this light is a no brainer. There are lights that do nothing else but illuminate, and that comes with one attachment module, that cost a lot more. The Cliq is a smart light that comes with multiple features is also fully customizable via an app on the phone, which makes it a technologically advanced light. It does what it is supposed to do well, and is a bright light making the the rider and the bike very visible, but also does more with its anti-theft features. It is also fully waterproof. We feel very secure and safe and this light gives us peace of mind when we ride. We feel that $68 is a small price to pay for that conviction and confidence.