Lights! Lights! Lights! A Hauteworks Cliq Lights Review


We know we wrote about lights last week. This week, we’re featuring the Hauteworks Cliq Light, a very smart light packed with multiple features. Hauteworks is an innovative company which has produced two smart lights, the Cliq and the . The Cliq is the first light that they have released and is a product that goes beyond conventional bike light purposes. Instead of having a simple bike light that only does one thing, or lights with features that feel like afterthoughts, the Cliq light feels like a well thought out product.


The Hauteworks Cliq comes in a nice clean white packaging. It is a sturdy box and it comes with the necessary organising slots. The box reminds us of a watch box and it is nothing absolutely spectacular but who cares. We feel that minimal packaging is best. As long as it does its job. The sturdy box gives assurance that the lights will not be damaged in shipping and delivery.

What you get

The box comes with the Cliq light itself, a holder, a micro-USB cable, a user manual, and 3 attachment modules, a strap, a molle and a clip.


The Hauteworks Cliq light has to be attached to the provided holder. The holder then attaches to either the strap, the molle or the clip. This may sounds like it is a bulky messy design but to be honest, the design is very minimal and very smart and modular such that they all fit very nice. The attachments may be a little tight to put on and it took us a couple of seconds, but this makes us feel assured that the light is safe to mount on when we’re out in action.