Is steel really..... Real?

Is steel really…. Real?

We know steel is making a comeback with some scenes, the new wave of hardcore hardtails, tourer bikes and retro frames. And steel has its strengths – it’s supple, compliant, pretty strong and this next one is subjective, but it can be pretty damn gorgeous!

Wilier Superleggera. A very sexy steel bike. Credit:

Over here at BikeMart SG, we put aside our biases and we appreciate all bikes. But when it comes to pure performance and efficiency, it is difficult to argue against science! Carbon fibre will always take the cake in a battle of performance. Its strength to weight ratio beats steel, so you’ll always get a lighter bike. It is stiffer and this allows better energy transfer, which means you travel further and/or faster with every rotation of the pedals. Carbon fibre also doesn’t rust! So you don’t have to worry about getting your bike wet, for example, in our humid tropical weather.