How to Use Cycling to Lose Weight

All of us picked up and have continued cycling for some reason. Some of us do it as a form of relaxation, some of us do it as a social activity, some of us do it for general health and obviously some of us do it to lose weight or as a weight maintaining tool.

Now any active activity or exercise regime can be used to lose weight. Essentially, weight loss happens when you are on a caloric deficit - when your caloric input < caloric output. However, you don't want to go on a crazy deficit that'll not only severely decrease your cycling performance but also be counter-productive to not only your weight loss efforts but also your general health. There are proper ways to lose weight that will be good for your body, mind, and that are healthy and also sustainable. Here are some tips to inculcate and use cycling as a weight loss method.

1) Frame of Mind

Your frame of mind will be the most important thing in keeping your cycling weight loss journey sustainable. If you focus on losing weight and losing weight only, cycling can quickly become a boring painful chore. This applies to any form of exercise as well. You will also tend to overdo your cycling and exercise efforts when you only focus on losing weight.

Instead, focus on the general health benefits of exercise and cycling performance. The weight loss will surely follow. You have to understand that being healthier and being able to perform better in your exercise regime will ultimately allow you to lose more weight. In that same vein, if you're overdoing your weight loss, you will lose cycling performance and this will eventually cause you to lose your ability to lose weight.

2) Body Fat

Body fat is a big but important topic to touch one. First and foremost, your body weight is composed of different components, but to simplify it, your body composition consists of main fat and muscle. Essentially, what you