How to take care of your rim brakes on your used bicycle

After purchasing a used bicycle, There are some key things you can do to take care of your used bicycle and making sure they are in tip top condition bicycle.

You will want to closely maintain the brakes on your used bicycle and if it has the traditional Rim Brakes fitted, this is Bikemart SG would advise you to do so..

Firstly, check your brake pads. Bad weather increases the rate at which brake pads wear out and don’t be caught out having not checked the condition of your brake pads.1.5mm of remaining brake compound is the general threshold, and we suggest that it is time to replace them if you measure them up any less than that.

Used bicycles for sale , Rim Brake

Secondly, check the brake pad wear, and the way in which they are wearing. Are they flat and even? Do you need to file down any grooves and realign the brakes? This will improve braking performance. Ensure that the whole pad connects with the tyre at the same time.Also check that both pads are wearing out evenly, at the same rate as one another.

Used Bicycle brake caliber

Zoom in for an even closer look, is there any small particles of debris, stones or pebbles caught in the groves of the brake pads. Pick any out as they will only reduce your braking performance.

Used bicycle Brake pad

Check the brakes cables, look out for corrosion or splits in the protective outer casing, and on the inner cable check it is not clamped or frayed at all, look out for strands of wires inside the lever. Replace any frayed cables immediately before your next ride.

Used bicycle Cable fray

A few drops of teflon based oil applied where the cable moves in and out of the outer casing can remove that gritty braking feeling. You will need to turn the bicycle upside down to apply with the help of gravity. Modern cables will already be coated and if this is the case then a new cable will always relive smooth and safe braking.

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Happy and safe riding.