How to remove rust from your bicycle

It may be your pride and joy, but keeping your much pre own bicycle clean and dry at all times may not be practical to those of us who like to take it out regularly and take on the conditions.

Rust is a little less common these days on modern bicycles but can still easily occur, we will show you how to combat those rust away.

Once rust appears, here is how to bust it and destroy it.

1. A simple scrub with Cola can take care of rust. Apply the fizzy Cola by rubbing it on the affected area with some everyday aluminium foil.Dip the foil in the drink with the shiny side facing outwards and scrub away until the rust is no more.

Coke as solution for rusty component on Used bicycle

Use an old toothbrush for the smaller harder to reach areas, or individual nuts and screws.

This well known simple method can also be used with white vinegar as an alternative, and shouldn’t require too much hard labour to have your bicycle shining again in no time.We recommend wearing gloves, particularly with the white vinegar. You may wish to submerge smaller parts into the liquid, but keep this to just an hour or so maximum to avoid any damage.

This rust removing process as a whole is certainly best recommended for larger or hard to replace vintage parts.

Rusty Bolts on used bicycle

Always rinse with clean water after, and dry with a towel or rag.

Some smaller items could be easier to replace as new or upgrade. Why not come by the BikeMart SG for further advise around the clock with our team of experienced experts across a wide selection of used and new bicycles.

Happy and safe riding