Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

New year, new beginnings. What are your new year cycling and fitness goals this 2021? It’s great to start the year with a couple of goals and resolutions as a cyclist. It guides you towards what direction you want to go to and also gives you drive in days where you’re less than motivated to go out and cycle. Whether be it losing weight, getting a certain Strava ranking, beating your own records, or setting a distance or altitude to climb, setting goals means there is something for you to strive for. And at the end of the year, that feeling of achievement will be one of the sweetest.

We’ve gathered our staff members’ 2021 fitness/cycling resolutions.

Joel: For me, it is to ride more. To wake up early in the morning before work to get some cycling in.

Jerry: 2020 has been a busy year. To say that I’ve neglected my health would not be totally true. However, I’d still like to exercise more, go for more of my runs and get back to my peak fitness.

Jason: I want to enjoy cycling so I can cycle more often. I have children and they remind me that I need to be at my pink of health to continue to enjoy my time with them for the future and watch them grow up.

Jan: I want to push myself and continue breaking my own PRs. I think I’ve done some good work in 2020 and I want to continue these habits. Eating well, exercising, resting.. Yeah. Also to secretly take part in more cycling challenges.

Jibby: I want to maintain my overall health. Diet, exercise, rest, stress levels. I cycled quite a fair bit and will look to at least maintain that amount of cycling or ideally cycle more.

Ahmad: Ride more, try to commute at least 3x a week consistently. Aim to conquer Bukit Timah MTB Trail as it conquered me the last time. Also to shed more weight and continue what I started in 2020.

Hopefully this gives some ideas as to what kind of fitness/cycling related goals you can set for yourselves. With that said, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us in 2020. We’ll move into 2021 hoping to serve you better and may everyone always stay safe and have many wonderful rides this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!