Guide to purchase a used bicycle in Singapore

This guide covers what to look out for when buying a bike to help you get the most for your money in the used bicyle market in Singapore

Firstly, be cautious. Always request to see any bike first, in person, before purchasing.

There are certainly good bicycle deals out there to be found, often people will buy and then later look to sell bikes that they planned to use far more than they actually could lend time too, and there is great potential for a good deal. But be wary and try to establish good communication and a rapport with a potential seller.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

Arrange to inspect the bicycle. Take it for a quick test ride. This serve a great opportunity for you to run some quick spot checks to assess the quality of a bicycle and get an impression of it's background.

A quick examination of the brakes calliper and tyre rim wall can give an indication as to how much a bike has been ridden. Check for wear on the pad and the brake rims, and dirt on the calliper. Check the bar tape. Is it in good condition and original? If so then you can assume that the bicycle hasn't seen too much action since new.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

A further simple check is to adjust the seat post, move it to your size, but in doing so look out for whether it jams or becomes stuck easily. This can be a pain and a stress area in carbon bikes. By removing the seat post completely, check for fractures, and that the bolt has not been over tightened.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

Take some time to check out a bike online, it is easy to check the original spec. A quick background check can reveal a lot about the bike towards gathering it's price as new, and current value. If it still has the original tyres on then this is another easy area to assess the amount that it has been used by the ware.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

The tyres and the saddle are the most common parts to upgrade on a bike and often are originally fitted with budget units, so worth checking if these are better than the original spec. Whilst a different bicycle fork for example is more of a red flag. This may indicate a nasty crash and a replaced fork may now mismatch with the frame.

Try to get an impression of what you will need to spend or replace in the future, enquire when cables were last changed, look out for cosmetic damage such as minor cable rub marks on the frame which can give you further idea about the history of the bike, and even be used to negotiate or haggle a better price.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

Careful owners tend to add protective spots or pads on the frame. Check also how worn out the handle bar frames are, and the condition the brake discs, some wear and tear is to be expected but not to be overlooked. Check for any large cuts or holes in the tyre that may not be immediately noticeable, scuffs on the seat or the shifters which might be signs of crash impact. Filter through the gears and check everything is working correctly.

Concaved wheel rims are more of an issue to be wary of as this will soon lead to a bike needing a new set of wheels. We recommend that you check a bike for this by looking closely and running your finger along the metal part of the wheel to feel for excessive wear.

A chain checker can be used to easily check the drive chain and cassette components. These parts can also be easily replaced but do factor any future replacements into the cost of a purchase.

We recommend that you conduct other vital checks on inspection to check for more serious issues such as, measuring the frame to assess if it is warped or twisted, spinning the wheels checking that they spin truly, and look out for play in the bearings.

Although some deals may be too good to be true, there are lots of good deals in the used bike market, be prepared to haggle, or walk away if you don't feel quite content.

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