Guide to purchase a used bicycle in Singapore

This guide covers what to look out for when buying a bike to help you get the most for your money in the used bicyle market in Singapore

Firstly, be cautious. Always request to see any bike first, in person, before purchasing.

There are certainly good bicycle deals out there to be found, often people will buy and then later look to sell bikes that they planned to use far more than they actually could lend time too, and there is great potential for a good deal. But be wary and try to establish good communication and a rapport with a potential seller.

Guide for selecting a used Bicycle for Sale

Arrange to inspect the bicycle. Take it for a quick test ride. This serve a great opportunity for you to run some quick spot checks to assess the quality of a bicycle and get an impression of it's background.

A quick examination of the brakes calliper and tyre rim wall can give an indication as to how much a bike has been ridden. Check for wear on the pad and the brake rims, and dirt on the calliper. Check the bar tape. Is it in good condition and original? If so then