Don't wear a tuxedo on your rides

Some of us commute to work, we get it. Let’s start by mentioning that this article is not regarding commuting to work via bicycle. We’ll cover that on another day. Today, we’re going to talk about cycling attire on your training/leisure rides.

When cycling for training and/or leisure, we recommend proper biking attire. Cycling attire is designed for.. well, cycling! It was designed with the activity in mind and is therefore fully optimised for the activity. From aerodynamics, to features to breathability, cycling attire is purpose built for cycling and we personally wouldn’t ride in any other attire.

Let’s start with the main ones.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts, chamois, chammys, padded shorts, cycling tights - they come in different names! Cycling shorts usually come with some padding in the groin area. This is to help you with saddle sores on your rides. One of the most common complaints we get from new riders are saddle sores. While there are a variety of reasons people get saddle sores (saddle fit, bike fit, saddle design), a pair of padded shorts or chammys definitely helps!

Some cycling shorts come in as shorts only options while others come in bib shorts. This is up to personal preference. Most guys we know wear bib shorts but some of us like wearing just the shorts as well.

A properly fitted pair of cycling shorts or chammys can help you with your saddle sores. It can also help you avoid nasty abrasions and abscesses. When you go in the market to look for cycling shorts, the next question would be how much do you need to spend? We can’t tell you the answer, but what we have found is that aside from more unique designs, the materials of the shorts and pads improve as the pair of shorts get more expensive.

Added tip: If you find that you still get some abrasions wearing your well fitted cycling shorts (which we have found to be quite unlikely), you can get yourself chamois cream for application!


Jerseys are purpose built for cycling. They hug your skin, so they are aerodynamic. They are usually made of breathable drifit materials for comfort. Most jerseys come with a front zipper for easy wearing. Some also come with pockets in the back for you to put whatever you need or whatever you choose to bring on your ride.