What is the proper way to take care of your Disc Brakes?

Your disc brakes provide high performance, advanced braking in all conditions, keep them working at their best by following the care and preventative maintenance advice provided here.

Disc Brake maintenance

Start by keeping the Rotors and Pads clean.

This will keep your brakes silent, whilst working well. Essential Disc Brake Cleaner product is available at the Bike Mart SG.

To get cleaning you will also need the following items:

Bicycle Disc Brake solutions
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Paper Towel (lint free)

  • Sandpaper (medium corse)

  • Weicon Cleaner Spray

Directions to clean:

Remove pads from the calliper, and remove the wheels taking the rotors away from the caliper too. Soapy water should be sufficient to easily clean the caliper, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.

Take the Pads out separately and check the wear. We recommend to replace immediately if you record any less than 1.5mm remaining.

Clean existing pads by placing on a cloth and spraying with the dedicated Disc Brake Cleaner such as Weicon Cleaner spray, before rubbing them down with Sandpaper.

With the pads out of the caliper, spray around the inside of the caliper with the Isopropyl alcohol and wipe away thoroughly.

Neglected Pistons can become sticky, or even stuck. Uneven pad wear can be a sign of this.

To access the pistons, press the brake lever a few times to release the piston from the caliper by approximately 4mm. Do not go any further to avoid releasing the pistons completely.

Spray the pistons and clean them well with Isopropyl alcohol. Apply a thin coating light grease and push back into place (with a tram lever).

Advance the pistons again and push them back 3 or 4 times to get them moving.

Release stuck pistons by holding the other (freely moving) piston with a plastic tyre mover. Pump the lever and listen out for the pop as the stuck piston moves out eventually. Grease and push back in as before.

Bleeding the brake system can take care of any extra pull in the levers or a spongy feeling.

This process puts fresh clean oil into your wires to remove the air bubbles which cause the issues. Manufacturers have their own guidance for bleeding brakes and do check yours.

Sram suggest a silicone based dot fluid and Shimano refers to mineral oil. Protect yourself when using either by wearing gloves and disposing of any waste fluids safely.Follow the Manufacturer's spec closely and it should be a fairly simple process,

We recommend inserting a bleed block into the caliper and remove the pads again to prevent contamination, also remove the bleed port screw at the caliper. (using an appropriate screw driver). From there, spread the fluid using a syringe around the lever and at the port screw contact point.

This short manual service should have your brakes working great again in no time.

For further advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact BikeMart Singapore.

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Ride Happily, and Safely.