Cyclist-Mother's Day Buying Guide

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!! If you know a mother who cycles, here's a useful gift buying guide in case you're out of ideas as to what to buy.

1) Shoes

Get your mom some new shoes! No not casual shoes. Cycling shoes!! We've got both the Shimano RC3 and RC5 in store. They're really nice shoes, tested and ridden by the guys in the shop as well! Featuring a Boa dial and boasting solid material and construction, Shimano's road cycling shoe offerings are the go-to for a light and comfortable fit. Coming in both standard and wide fits, getting cycling shoes designed and manufactured by one of the leading and biggest bicycle component manufacturers equals reliability and credibility.

And if your mom already has a pair of shoes, buy her another one. It's always good to have at least two pairs to alternate, or mix and match with your cycling jersey or simply because one is wet.

Shimano RC3 in Black. Black almost never goes wrong.

The Shimano RC5. There are other colours as well if you want to match your bike or jerseys.

2) Helmet

Helmets are always a thing people get confused about simply because there are so many designs, so many companies and so much marketing jargon and technology. We always recommend getting helmets from reputable and established helmet manufacturers like Giro, Kask, POC and Limar. We stock in Limar helmets here at BikeMart SG and we have models ranging from entry level helmets all the way up to mid-high end helmets.

Helmets cost a fair bit but think of the cost and price relative to how important the safety of our loved ones are. All helmets from reputable and credible helmet manufacturers work as they should. What you get when you pay more is more comfort, customizability, adjustability, better materials, better thought designs, aerodynamics and weight.

3) Maintenance

Maintenance opens up a lot avenues as to what to buy as gifts! You can get your mom chain lubricant, degreasers, tools or even extra parts that require changing every few months such as bicycle tubes or chains. The possibilities are endless. Go crazy with it, buy her a whole bike washing kit. Or a whole mini repair kit. These things are highly valuable to cyclists because they NEED them. She'll thank you for it.

4) Bartape

Bartapes can actually be categorised under components that often need changing BUT we're putting it as a separate category because bartapes are also aesthetic accessories. We mean, you obviously need it on a bike, but they come in many different colours and patterns these days. So if your mom likes to bling her bike, and you know what colour or pattern she likes, get her that!

At BikeMart SG, we carry Supacaz bar tapes. The choice of many professional bike racers and avid hobbyists alike, Supacaz tapes are often recommended by cyclists due to its comfort, road-buzz reducing character and variation of colours and designs.

5) Electronics

Let's talk about computers first. These days, there are many brands and companies manufacturing bike computers. The most important thing with regards to cycling computers would be ease of use and ease of integration into your daily electronic or digital system of devices. Garmin devices and bicycle computers are known for their ease of use and ease of integration into modern digital devices and also within its own system of different devices.

Which brings us to the next thing. Devices!! Again, this opens up a whole lot of options. Heart Rate Monitors, smart watches, video rear lights. All these things will make your loved one's cycling experience better so buy any one... or you could buy all!

We have most of these things in store too for your ease so do come down to the store and speak to any of our staff members and they'll assist you with it!