Bike Clinic March 2020

Hosted by BikeMartSG and Tribal, we had our first Bike Clinic where we provided technical knowledge and hands-on sessions on handling, maintaining, and riding etiquettes.

It was an amazing session with enthusiastic cyclists from the cycling community as we gathered to learn from each other and exchange valuable information and tips on road bikes.

Some topics covered include smart equipment for tracking performance and social media sharing, the bicycle anatomy and its maintenance as well as bicycle etiquette and safety on the road.

Finally, we ended off with a riding session to put into practice what was learnt that morning. We also had the chance to interview a few of our participants to get some insights into how they found out about the Bike Clinic, how it went for them and what valuable lessons and insights they learnt. It was great hearing how much fun the participants had while learning from the BikeMartSG and Tribal representatives.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Garmin for sponsoring this Bike Clinic, the team behind the planning and execution, and all the participants for making the Bike Clinic happen. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Bike Clinic!

Road Bicycle Clinic