5 Tips to Refuel After a Ride

What do you consume after your ride? People say that you are what you eat. This becomes more emphasized when it comes to post-workout or post-ride meals.

Your body burns the calories you have consumed when you work out or go out for a ride. Depending on how long or how hard you ride, your body also burns your fat stores after burning your caloric stores. So if you've finished your ride, it is likely that your body is now running on practically an empty tank. But remember! Your body's also still in exercise mode so you're still burning calories and fat post-workout, for hours and sometimes even a day. You will notice that your resting heart rate is higher post-ride than before. Your body's metabolism is also at its highest because your muscles are recovering and your body wants to refill the calories you've lost.

It is therefore very important to refuel after a ride, or your body might feel lethargic for hours and days even. Your muscles will also not recover quickly and in fact, might even deplete. This obviously affects your performance and might even affect your daily activities.

So refuel after your rides. Here's a couple of tips to fully optimize your body and your ride.

1) Refuel as soon as you finish riding

Okay maybe not while you're still dripping sweat. Experts recommend having refueling within an hour after your ride. Your body's at its 'emptiest' or 'hungriest' and your metabolism is at its highest. Therefore refueling an hour within the end of your ride will ensure that your body absorbs as much as possible. Failing to do so might affect your recovery.