5 Tips for Your Cycling Commute.

1) Plan your route.

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. So plan your commuting route. You can use apps like Komoot or Google Maps (use the walking feature to ensure your route doesn't include an expressway) as a start and adjust your route to your liking. Things to note include any uphill sections, off-road sections and if you're mainly cycling on the road, check for roads that might experience heavy traffic and many motorised vehicles. Try to avoid heavy traffic and if you can't make sure you do the necessary and prepare yourself.

2) Your bike.

Of course if there are off-road sections along your way, make sure your bike is off-road ready. Some thicker tires, heavier duty bikes perhaps. In Singapore, you can get almost anywhere by road and park connectors, so some wider tires are the only things you might need when changing from roads to park connectors to pathways.

Most of us at the shop commute via road bikes but some also have mountain bikes and foldable bikes that they sometimes take on days where they want to do multi-modal commuting or just ride slowly on pathways.

3) Think about the items you need on your ride