5 Bike Cleaning Tips for Washing Your Bike at Home

A clean bike is a fast bike. Not only is it a fast bike, it’s a healthy bike. Debris and small particles can get in your drivetrain and with your drivetrain constantly moving, they can act like a sandpaper grinding your drivetrain and parts away. This obviously equals to a shorter lifespan of your drivetrain, which is not the most financially efficient. If money is not a problem, maybe decreased performance may be a motivating factor for you to clean your bike. We might not have the factual evidence that a dirty drivetrain can hinder performance but let’s just say a drivetrain is a piece of machinery that is supposed to work most efficiently clean, and leaving dirt and grime on it just doesn’t feel like the thing you would do to any machine. Above all this, it just feels very wrong to leave a dirty drivetrain dirty when you love your bike, as we do.

How often you clean your bike depends on how often you ride and how dirty the roads are, which also determines how dirty your bike gets. Some of us here at Bike Mart SG clean our bikes after every ride. Some of us do it once a week. Think about it this way; just clean your bike as often as you can, and just don’t leave a dirty grimy bike.

So you are going to clean your bike now. Here’s 5 tips you can use while cleaning your bike.

Tip 1 – Inspect your bike when cleaning it

This first tip isn’t a tip about cleaning your bike per se. But it is certainly about your bike, and your bike maintenance. Take the opportunity to inspect your bike when cleaning it. You’re going to spend some time cleaning your bike. You’re going to get into the corners, the crooks and the crannies. Use that opportunity to inspect your frame for any cracks or damage. Check for any metal objects or small stones lodged into your tires. Check your drivetrain. It’s a good habit to have, and a good practice to carry out. This way, you know your bike’s all good and ready to ride after cleaning.

Tip 2 – Use a variety of brushes.