Hunt Aero 50 Disc Wheelset

Specialized S work SL 6 Disc

We had the chance recently to aquire the Hunt Aero 50 Disc Wheelset and we have decided to do up a review for our customers who are thinking of aquiring them yet no reviews from friends or people they know, so here is our take on it.

We tested the wheelset on a Tarmac SL6 Disc with turbo cottons, this bike was previously on the CLX32 Tubeless set up weighing in at 7.28kg. After the Wheel change, the weight went down to 7.10kg. significant weight lost considering the ultegra disc set up.

Rolling off was easy and smooth but upon rolling you will find that the coasting of the hub very loud and I mean really loud, if you do not mind waking the entire neighbourhood up or letting the group know that you are freewheeling behind yes this is the wheel to get.

The Hunt wheels are easy to accelerate from standstill and holds decent speed on the flats without much wastage of power. We had also brought the wheels to test its climbing at Mount Faber to be fair we looped it thrice. Climbing was easy with the wheels and still managed to shave a minute off the previous effort on a CLX32.

I have not found any issues with this wheelset other than the screaming hub. No hard feelings towards its price point and its performance.

We currently have a used set to let go at $1380. If you would like to come down to experience this wheelset just drop by Bikemartsg