Washing Your Bike like a Professional Mechanic

The process of thoroughly cleaning your bicycle can be completed in minutes!

Compressors or pressure washers not required.

Bicycle Premium Cleaning Service

Here is what you do need-

A degreaser

A soft brush with handle if possible, and a harder brush

A sponge

Foamy or soapy water (dish soap is fine)

A rag towel and a clean towel/cloth (microfibre ideal)

Silicone spray

Chain Lube

Wear an overall!

Second Hand Bicycle Cleaning Singapore

First Steps

Lightly brush off any dry dirt and debris that you can first

Remove Wheels

Degrease the Cassette

Scrub the gears and the wheels at this point with a brush, applying soapy water. Avoid the bearings as you rinse it through.

Clean the Chain

With the frame mounted if possible and wheel off, spray and scrub the chain, rotating it around as you do. Use a good quality degreaser to remove grime from the chain instantly.

The Frame

Working from top to bottom, lather the exposed frame, handle bars and all components, and scrub away with the foamy water.

Drying and Post-wash

Rinse and scrub surfaces with a rag towel, before removing all excess water with a clean cloth.

This is also a good time to inspect your tyres for any scratches or damage.

Apply a bike protector and silicone spray to dissolve any lingering water and stickiness around areas like the water bottle holder.

Wipe down with the microfibre cloth and cover every crack and area for to ensure no chance of rust overnight, and to keep that pristine finish.

Keep the chain moving and apply chain lube at this point through the cogs and bearings before putting the wheels back on.

You’re Bicycle should now be glistening and ready to enjoy on the next ride!

For more expert friendly advice, check in to the BikeMart Singapore.