Bikemart SG Is Now An Official Dealer for Wilier Triestina

Bikemart SG is proud to announce that we are now an official dealer for Wilier Triestina. We will be bringing in exciting bicycle models such as the Wilier 0 SLR and the Cento10 SL, along with several bicycle parts from Wilier, such as handlebars and wheelsets.

In addition to these two Wilier bikes, we will also be bringing in several other bike models together with Wilier bike parts. Do head down to our store at 140 Sims Avenue to view the whole catalogue and find out the full range of bikes and parts that we will be bringing in. You may start to pre-order your Wilier bikes and parts too!

Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina is an Italian bicycle brand founded in 1906 by a trader named Pietro Dal Molin. The brand is deeply rooted in the history of bicycle building and bicycle racing, having established its iconic symbol of a halberd and its brand name as an Italian powerhouse. With more than a century’s worth of experience and a rich and esteemed history, Wilier Triestina knows bikes, producing fine bicycles for professional cyclists such as the Astana Pro Team and Team Total Direct Energie.

Wilier Cento10 SL Reviews

-  The initial impression of this bike was that it felt cool, calm, and collected. At 7.67kg for the XL size, it sits in the same weight class as many of its rivals. The one thing that stood out is just how well the Cento10SL holds its speed. It is almost metronomic, once you put the initial power in, it keeps it steady with minimal extra input. The shallow and light 38mm carbon rims enable it to perform well on rolling courses without upsetting the balance whilst descending or encountering crosswinds.

-  The geometry and ride position of the Cento10 SL is amazing. It benefits from a semi-aggressive stance with a slightly higher stack height than an out-and-out race bike, allowing the rider to remain in a relatively aero position while being comfortable. The position is balanced with the body weight well placed within the frame.

-  The Cento10 SL is a good-looking bike that garners plenty of admiring looks and comments when riding with friends. Wilier has a knack of inspiring Italian passion and that certainly rings true of the Cento10 SL.

Wilier 0 SLR Reviews

-  This bike climbs beautifully, with crispness and efficiency creating an urgency to the bike’s forward motion. It is also planted at high speeds and is composed when being thrown around corners. The handling is excellent: a quicker-handling bike as you would expect, but predictable and accurate in its motions.

-  The Zero SLR is a brilliant, high-performance bike for a rider who’s looking for something more unique than the Tarmondasix-es that seem to be everywhere.

-  I put the Zero SLR through its paces on my favourite test loops and came away impressed. It is exactly what I expect a bike designed for professional racers to be today.

-  At under 15 pounds - with disc brakes, electronic shifting, and Wilier’s new tubular wheelset - the bike is feathery light, and without any downsides to its lightness.

-  When power was thrown into the frame, the SLR jumped and accelerated well. Overall, the Zero SLR is a very good road racing bike. It handles beautifully, it is stiff, light, and glides over the road.


Bikemart SG is very excited to be able to partner with Wilier in bringing in their esteemed bikes and bike parts. As road cyclists ourselves, we hope you are as excited as we are, and we hope to see more Wilier bikes on the road. 

For pre-orders, do head down to Bikemart SG at 140 Sims Ave or call +65 8806 1843.